A company that is concern with development and structure is a company that is ready to make an impact. We have witnessed great and awesome Massive set up and development is in progress at our estates.

We are taking in strategic constructions that range from perimeter fencing and site clearing. We aim to encourage development, functional and structural activities in our properties nationwide. Congratulations to our subscribers who have invested and contributed to the success of the ongoing projects as Land fencing has kicked off! We are investing rapidly in the construction and structural development of our estates to improve security, good road access, power supply and organic development.


We undertake property development and redevelopment and provide high quality, comfortable commercial and residential units in various parts of the country, with the best experts we provide property consultancy services to both private and public sectors.

Our construction team monitors the project closely to ensure smooth operations and mitigate the potential risks of project cost or time overruns. We have a structured plan and layout to all our estates and properties This shows the entire positioning and arrangement of structures and infrastructure on the estate land together with the topography and other essential features. These includes:

  • The perimeter survey
  • The estate layout
  • The architectural and engineering drawings
  • Approved building drawings
  • We give our subscribers the opportunities of seeing the future of our estates even as they venture into investing with us.


    We are a company dedicated towards making a change and different, because we give value. Trust has been our watchword for years and we've strived to work accordingly to what we believe. Looking at the vision of ENDLEX PROPERTIES, you’ll come to understand that, we solve five (5) major problems.

      1. The housing deficit
      2. Retirement fear
      3. Financial pressure
      4. Unemployment problem
      5. Engineering problems

    By providing solutions to these problems in our Society, we have been able to empower over 1000+ young Nigerians from all ethnic groups and beliefs which includes over 100 direct and indirect staffs that are working under the administration lead by Engr. Opera Isu.

    We are happy to see that, these great achievements has brought changes to our society, which has been highly recognized by the Government and other organisations. Today, we at Endlex properties and Development Ltd say “Congratulations!” to our Managing Director, as he receives the GOLDEN ROLE MODEL AWARD; AS AN EPITOME OF HUMANITARIAN SERVICES.

    In Recognition & Appreciation of his Patriotic Zeal to Youth Empowerment, Qualitative & Affordable Services Delivery in Reducing Housing Shortfalls in Nigeria, Engineering Services, Passionate Commitment to service to Humanity and God Almighty. Courtesy of the Nigerian Youth Advocacy for Good Governance Initiative (NYAGGI), ABUJA. Congratulations to Endlex Properties & Development Ltd Team!! and Very Big Congratulations to all our Esteem Customers of Endlex Properties.